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France, officially Francia Köztársaság (in French la France) independent country. The central area settles down in Western Europe. Adjacent countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain. The Chunnel connects France and Great Britain. His surface articulate, east rises towards it from west, like this not only onto seaside recreation, but onto skiing in winter distinguished site. One for which thank to this articulate, diverse surface 79 million tourists visit it from within like this the world's most requested country.


Capital: Paris
Currency: euro (EUR)
Important phone numbers:

  • France's dialing code: 0033
  • Ambulances: 15
  • Police: 17
  • Firemen: 16
  • Medical duty (0-24): 0033/1/43 07 77 77

France, into Paris in a whole year worthy to visit away. The best one the May June, the September October, this period count as a high season concerned.
The warmth is the August, Paris empties totally quasi at this time though, since the French at this time, they take a holiday simultaneously.



The autumn runs to a great length, than at us and warmer. The winter likewise mild, under a freezing-point only rare the temperature is sinking. We have to count on moisture because of the proximity of the ocean all day long, let everything be a raincoat, a umbrella in a season at us because of this, a little rain may not spoil our mood so under our excursion.

Traveling required informations, informations from France

Exit conditions, insurance

Hungarian citizens may go for at most 90 days on visa-free one into France. To joining the country passport you are a gambler identity card with a new type necessary. The passenger has to ensure the validity of the document individually. Passengers at who travel document is not used up from the border it is turned back.
Worthy to consider whether we should be knitting beside the EU card travel insurance. Speaks in favour of the insurance, that in single member states - like this in France - a so called refund system works, mean the patient pays the expenses of the supplies of which advantage was taken, medicines in case of showing an EU card, (advances it), the competent insurer repays the refundable sum then.



Speed limits:

  • on a residential area: 50 km/h,
  • apart from a city: 90km/h,
  • on international highways: 100 km/h,
  • on a motorway: 130 km/h.


An exceptionally advanced road network is at France's disposal. The proportion of the motorways a most tall, thick network is formed. They have the majority in a hand on himself, because of this pay. The prices change in the function of the done distance. It is necessary to pull a ticket at the time of driveway then at the time of a bend to lose, to pay the calculated sum. The prices are rather tall.
They exist however not pay motorway sections. Apart from the motorways number national main road can be found in the country, which ones all free ones. A lot from among them multi-lane, highway, indeed motorway quality.
The authorities pay increased attention to filtering the speeding out, a number constant and temporary radar work throughout the country.


  • Isére
  • Upper Savoy
  • Savoy
  • Maritime Alps