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Kleine Fatra

The mountain in the north-west of Slovakia two sides of the Vágh river settles down in the east the Turóci Basin, in the west the Zsolnai Basin the borderline in the south though Vágh river separates it from its sibling, from Big Fatra. The main mountain ridge is with a special, irregular elliptical shape. The expansion lengthwise 72 km, the width averagely 16 km. The Little Fatra for an one with a mountain of medium height or high mountain character can be said. From the head spine long extension spines branch out, which ones they end steeply. The highest dot 1709 m, while in the Fatra-Lucskai does not exceed the 1200 metres by a lot.

The mountain belongs to the Valley Vrátna one of the most considerable ski centres in Slovakia, domestic and among the foreign country guests equally popular. Perfect ski slopes wait for the professional, skiers at who the more modest experience is in winter. The orbits are checked regularly and the slopes are elucidated in the evening. Everybody may find it for him the most suitable ground, for families which can be recommended valiantly so, beginners, advanced students, for extreme sportsmen equally. A coherent blanket of snow covers the landscape through 80-130 days, on the areas lying in the deeper one in a January, the taller regions in February and a March the thickest one, is between 30 and 80 cm. The big benefit of the slopes covered with the grass, that relatively thin blanket of snow enough to the skiing. A wonderful snowy landscape, clear, fresh environment pledge that they visit onto this part of Slovakia.

The Low Fatras National Park was shaped up on 1 April 1988th. Its full area 197,9 km2, which one a protective belt with a greatness of 66,4 km2 surrounds. Each season is filled with masses of tourists, like this not only in the ski season worthy to travel here, but in the summer months, since the weather is appropriate for a hiking and the cycling tours at this time. Small Fatra accross more than 400 km a designate tourist path drives. Its area several waterfalls and spring can be found, from among these the largest one 38 m tall Šútovský waterfall.


Region Number of elevators Length of orbits
Blue Red Black The highest dot (m)

Mala Lucivna 6 - - 3 1 600 m 1,4
Martinske Hole 6 1 - 12 10  2 - 1430
Valcianska Dolina 5 1 - 4,6 1,5 3,1 - 830
Vratna 10 2 1 9 1 5 3 1709