Niedere Tatra Ski Hotel Guide - Skiunterkünfte

Niedere Tatra

It Low-Tatras west-east direction cca. 80km long mountain range Slovakia is middle on its part. Vág (Váh) and Garam (Hron) extends between its valleys with picturesque beauty. It waits for the kind visitors, ones desiring to rest with a rich excursion opportunity. The altitude of its head spine is over the 2000 metres on three places:
Ginger (Ďumbier) - 2043 m, Chopok - 2024 m, Déres (Dereše) - 2004 m. From the three mountain peaks a beautiful view overlooks the landscape impressively.

In Low-Tatras we find Slovakia's best, high-standard ski courses. Popular skier place since is near of the border we may achieve these superb ski slopes with roughly 2 a hour's drivings. Provides several opportunities for the lovers of the winter sports, the downhiller, ones liking ski tourism and for the cross-country skiers equally. Who would like to try the mountaineering, rafting though, they have an opportunity for this here and nobody is left without an experience.


Of course in summer worthy to visit here, since the one coming to visit here may experience a beautiful landscape. 1000 km of tour marked stands for a provision, a part of its is used as this in the winter period cross-country ski slope. The walks, tours made in the nature we may discover treasures like that on its row which one signifies a lifelong experience. They did not declare the single part of the mountain range a national park accidentally. The cycling tourism liking in summer may wind on the deep valleys, on cycle tracks crossing mountain sections and the historical sights may be inspected meanwhile. The Low-Tatras from east Slovakai Paradise borders it, from the head spine to have it in sight beautifully though the from its to the north lying High-Tatras.



Regions The number of elevators Lenght of orbits (km) Blue Red Black The highest dot (m)
Bystra 2 - - 1,7 1,7     740
Certovica 4 - - 5,6 4,4 1,2   1445
Chopok Észak/Jasna 13 4 1 22 8 10 4 2024
Chopok Dél 6 1 - 9 1 6 2 2024
Donovaly 13 2 1 11 6 5   1402
Mostenica 1 - - 1 1
Mýto pod Ďumbierom 4 1 - 4,5 990 m 3,6
Sachticky 5 - - 9,2 3,5 4,1 1,6 1100
Selce-Cachovo 4 - - 4 2 2   650
Tale 6 - - 2,7 400 m 2 370 m 850