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Slovakia (in Slovak Slovensko) Central European state, lies on Carpathian Basin's northern part. From west Czech Republic and Austria, from south Hungary, from east Ukraine, from north Poland borders it though. The largest city, Bratislava is its capital in one. It is European Union's member since 1 May 2004.

Capital: Bratislava
Currency: euro (EUR)
Emergency telephone phone numbers:
  • SOS, general emergency telephone: 112
  • Police: 158
  • Rescue service: 155
  • Fire brigade: 150
  • Mountain rescue service: 18 300
  • ÚAMK(Szlovákia útinform): 0123
  • Slovakia's international dialing code: 00421

Slovakia waits for the ones coming to visit here with several programs, an opportunity in a whole year.

There are two capital tourist seasons:
One the summer which lasts from a May to a September, the ski season is beginning on the front of a December and approximately lasts until a March, April.

Onto a city visit mainly the spring and autumn months the most suitable, since there are not warmth and less at this time too much the tourist. The spas are the most saturated ones on the front of the year.

Travel informations, required informations from Slovakia


If we leave to ski into the mountains, to hike, worthy to take advantage of insuring the mountain rescue service beside the traditional travel insurance. This insurance premium of its was built into the travel tax already on single areas (travel tax). The travel agencies give additional accurate informations on the binding of the insurance.


The speed limit:
(from 1 February 2009)
  • on a residential area 50 km/hours,
  • on a public road 90 km/hours,
  • on motorways and clearways 130 km/hours

It is necessary to take the motorways, clearways into consideration at the time of a departure, since these are road toll ropemaker, which one (just like at home) it is possible to buy it with a sticker. In Slovakia sticker only one kind all are necessary to a road subject to fees. We found a number tunnel on the Slovak road network, but from among them it is not necessary to pay a separate prize for one. Beside this in a whole year obligatory the usage of the low beam the drivers offending against the rules of the road may count on exceptionally severe fines. The car belongs to its obligatory equipment:

  • hygienic first aid packet,
  • triangle signaling stopping,
  • tow-rope,
  • onto a usage ready spare tyre,
  • reserve bulb supply,
  • light-reflecting waistcoat.

The usage of the winter tyres obligatory, to use angular tyres using prohibited. Let us install a snow chain if the roadway is covered with coherent ice or a snow-layer. The usage of the winter tyres is obligatory in the winter months for coaches, lorries. 150 cm and for children under 36 kgs the child seat or the chair cushion are obligatory.

Let us observe 10 of the fundamental rules of the skiing, in as much we travel from the aim of winter sports into the country.

  • Low - Tatras (Nizke Tatry)
  • High - Tatras (Vysoke Tatry)
  • Little - Fatra (Malá Fatra)
  • Big - Fatra (Velinka Fatra)
  • Cergov - mountain range
  • Middle and east Slovakia