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Isére is one of the emphasized tourism region in France many splendid disposal but waits for the ones arriving here with several interesting sights beside this. Wonderful the panorama from any dots of the region, snowy mountain peaks, forests, pinewoods, the eye supplies.


The ski courses with a distinguished quality, more from among them world-famous, not miracle, that well-loved among the lovers of the winter sports. The majority of the orbits 2000 ones above a metre, of this the snow assured quasi of November entirely until a May. One of Isére ski courses may be flaunting one of the world's longest black orbits, that the start from Pic-Blanc. Hummock, wooded parts make the ski slopes harder on more place, indeed more tunnels make gliding down from the slopes exciting. An opportunity opens snowboarding, onto cross-country skiing, and the smarter ones the snowpark-ban their courage, their cleverness may be tried.


They founded the first French park in 1913, which Ecrins National Park was in 1973. There are more protected areas, a green zone apart in Isére, which ones in any seasons worthy to visit. Onto the region we may visit typical buildings, houses in the city's heart, a Renaissance residency, museums, exhibitions wait for it the culture liking. The area more natural one and artificial one may be flaunting a lake, which ones an opportunity is provided for sailing, boating, rafting. Of course the to rest, onto ones desiring to regenerate it is found for them the most suitable make way onto the relaxation, they may have a rest from the fatigues of the weekdays in a pleasant bath so.




Isére province's ski courses/regions
Region The number of elevators Length of the orbits
Blue Red Black The highest dot (m)

Alpe d'Huez 40 24 9 193 53 74 66 3330
Chamrousse     16 10 1 92 37 31 24 2250
Les 2 Alpes 23 19 3 200 78 78 44 3568
Les Sept Laux 11 10 1 110 30 40 40 2400

  125       2285