Serre Chevalier Ski Hotel Guide - Ski accommodation

Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier a French's single whacking ski paradise expects the skiers of the middle of a December, entirely until the end of April, 250 kilometres joy. With these numerous downhill courses Europe's was one of largest ski course. 4 are made up of an area, their big part on Ecrins Nemzeti Park area can be found. Distinguished skiing between the mountains, in the clear, mountain air, peaceful gliding down between the trees of the forest, family skiing on the gently sloping, safe slopes. Everybody finds it for him most ideal ground here between Serre Chevalier's slopes. The orbits of course with a distinguished quality, they are supplied with a snow cannon in full whole one's quasi. A serious snow park, which all of extreme desires doing sports are is at disposal that let be allowed to try it, everything which can be found here, which is necessary to a stunt. We may choose from more winter sport, not onto skiing only there are an opportunity, cross-country skiing, a car cross on the ice,  a mountain hiking, a pawn with snow boots. High-standard orbits, service, equipments, accessories, shops, a service wait for the tourist arriving here.

The hamlet, the settlements, the environment wait for the guests arriving in the summer months with wonderful mood. Very friendly, hospitable the people nation living here, let us elect this country as the travel aim of our excursion valiantly. If we do not have desire to fill the time with active relaxation, eat a delicate lunch in any of the restaurants. Entirely sure, that so, silently, we may get richer by experiences like that in comfortable pace, which one onto a life sounds. Who would like to fill the time devoted to the summer holidays with moving after all, actively though may choose from a diverse coloured recreation opportunity. Hiking on routes marked, cycling in the mountains, obstacle competition, roadside cycling, mountaineering, angling, rider tours, wall climbing figure on the list of the active sports. The cultural treasures, sights in a benefit giving a share neither they wouldn't be bored, onto them the museums of the neighbourhood, art galleries, exhibitions, churches, provincial houses are waiting.


Number of elevators 56
35 12 9
Length of orbits (km) 250
Blue Red Black
The highest dot (m) 2830


  • Briançon
  • Le Monetier                             
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