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Le Grand Bornand

Le Grand Bornand is Frecnh's ski course, not so big, than all the others here can be found, but many people visit it from whole Europe's area. The orbits ordered, regularly kept good repair, are fitted out with modern elevators. 2750 metres tall Pointe Percée is his highest dot. The ski centre expects of a December until a March to ski, winter ones desiring to do sports. Starting for cross-country skiing or mountaineering may be a designate tour on routes. The climbing of the ice wall gives a lifelong sensation, who adrenalin level they desire an increase, unconditional this sport is tried.


We may choose from many programs likewise in summer, we have an opportunity among other things hőlégballonozni, ejtőernyőzni, to climb a mountain, to climb rock, to angle and everything else what it is possible to do in the nature. We may make a huge walk, which provides a really magnificent panorama for the excursionist, in the city and on his neighbourhood, around the lakes. We may be sure that we will not be bored in here if we visit into this corner of France and we will get richer by lifelong experiences.



The number of elevators 30

15 13 2
Length of orbits (km) 90
Blue Red Black
29 54 7
The highest dot (m) 2750


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