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Upper Savoy

Upper Savoy province the part of Savoya area, France and Italy lie in adjacent area with each other. The other part South-Savoy, these two area form the Savoya-territory. The name with a Latin origin which pinewood forest country present. From the tourism the incomes more than half is gained. Several high-standard ski centres built up well are at his disposal.

Downhill courses, the areas belonging to them lures the lovers of the skiing and the snow. More hundred kilo metres ski slope stands for the skiers' provision, from the beginner entirely until the professional level. Some ski courses own snow park takes action, like this the extreme sports liking too it may be elected valiantly úticéljuknak the regions one. More ski course world-famous, many people arrive to winter onto this part-to be on holiday equally.

This province offers a number opportunity from a sight for the guests arriving here. The historical city, the buildings, the environment, the nature until some impressive. We may admire the treasures of the nature in National Park, on protected areas, because of the flora entirely until the fauna. The neighbourhood is rich in heritages, castles, museums, wine-cellars, parks expect the companies, but we may get the hang of the folk trades beside these. We may taste it in one of the French restaurants  it is typical of a country foods, like what the original French cheeses.

Upper Savoy province's ski courses/regions
Number of elevators Length of the orbits
Blue Red Black The highest dot (m)

Chamonix            17 13 9 110 3842
La Clusaz 35 14 6 132 30 70 32 2600
Le Grand Massif 38 28 6 265 50 190 25 2480
Le Grand Bornand 15 13 2 90 29 54 7 2100
Les Portes du Soleil 114 72 9 650 310 260 80 2460
Megéve 300 2525