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The Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy is one of the smallest, yet most culturally diverse areas in all the country. This semi-autonomous area is also one of the newest, gaining it modern boundaries and government in 1963. Occupying the extreme northeast corner of Italy east of the river Tagliamento with the Alps looming from the north, the region shares borders with the Veneto region, Austria and Slovenia. This is by far the most easily accessible region from outside of Italy and has traditionally acted as a gateway for Germanic and Slavic invaders over the centuries.

Mountain pastures, protected areas, small mountain lakes, rock walls and wild forests are just a few of the wonders of the Friulian mountains. Those who love sports and outdoor activities will enjoy unforgettable experiences, without any limits in terms of age or athletic aptitude: rock climbing; mountaineering; hang gliding, gliding and paragliding; golfing and fishing; canoeing and windsurfing on streams and crystal-clear lakes. The area offers a concentration of activities against a backdrop that mountain bikers, trekkers and horseback riders consider heaven on earth.

Up in the mountains, picturesque barns and enchanting shepherds' huts are connected by hiking trails that vary in difficulty. Surrounded by the lush flora of the Alps, they forge a link with neighbouring Carinthia.

You'll feel completely at home among the genuine and unique people who live in towns that have been built around churches marked by simple charm and are surrounded by verdant meadows.

The eastern Dolomites, the Alps in Carnia and the Western Giulian Alps. From Piancavallo passing through Carnia until you reach Tarvisio and the surrounding areas: it is still possible to ski away from the crowds and noise, on the numerous downhill slopes for those who love the thrill of speed and on other, simpler slopes, for those who prefer a more relaxing and calmer ski.

Piancavallo and Forni di Sopra in the eastern Dolomites, the Zoncolan and Sauris in Carnia, Sella Nevea and Tarvisio in the Giulian Alps are all well known districts for snow lovers and are able to satisfy skiers of all levels, as well as enthusiasts of every kind. Alternative ski resorts are also not lacking with suggestive ski-ing tracks and routes for Nordic sport, amongst which you can find the International Centre which is always the theatre for international competitions over a 10 km route, starting at Forni Avoltri, in an uncontaminated landscape which is a must to be included in any classic tourism destination.

And should the downhill and cross-country skiing not be enough, Friuli Venezia Giulia's winter offer further enriches your mountain holiday with a host of real and true on-snow extravagances such as sled dog, ice-climbing, snow walking on special snow shoes, freeride and snowboard, ice skating, curling... being able to make anyone's dream come true and enable you to live fun adventures within nature's true environment.


The only thing interrupting this peaceful tableau is the extravaganza of the area's array of traditional festivals and folklore events that will fascinate you with their boisterous cheer.

The extraordinary cultural heritage is demonstrated by a network of museums that dot the territory and differ in both subject and size, from the Museum of Popular Traditions and Arts in Tolmezzo to the "Mozartina" in Paularo, which displays antique and modern musical instruments that are perfectly functional.

Numerous museums devoted to arts and crafts have collected and preserved the area's material culture like a treasure of memory and poetry: the Museo dell'Arrotino, in Val Resia, devoted to knife-grinders, evokes figures and words that have now disappeared, and the Permanent Exhibition of the Mining Tradition in Cave del Predil recounts the stories of the men who toiled in the depths of the earth.

Cuisine and the land, the land and cuisine: a fundamental link generating a kaleidoscope of tastes. The most noted ambassadors of the region, San Daniele ham and the wines of the Friuli Venezia Giulia vineyards, introduce the dishes and products of the sea, mountains and hills.



Region   Number of elevators Length
Blue Red Black The
Drags Chairs Gondolas
Sella Nevea 5 0 2 15 3 11 1 1850
Tarvisio 2 7 2 32 13 13 6 1800
Zoncolan 5 7 1 28 17 11 0 1780
Sauris 3 0 1 6 5 1 0 1480
Forni di Sopra 4 4 0 16 2 14 0 2065
Piancavallo     4 7 0 25 3 17 5 2065