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The skiing area Bormio - Valdidentro/Oga Santa Colombano - Santa Caterina Valfurva

The skiing area Bormio, Santa Caterina, San Colombano (Oga/Valdidentro) has often been organiser of World Cup races, in particular the men's downhill race which usually takes place end of December. Furthermore, Bormio hosted the Alpine World Ski Championships in 1985 and 2005, as well as the World Cup Finals in 1995 and 2000.

Skipasses are available for the skiarea '4 valli' (4 valleys), which are valid for the area Bormio/S. Colombano (Oga and Valdidentro) and Santa Caterina or for each single ressort itself. Skiers with a skipass use the ski-bus service for free. Schedules are exposed at the information points.


Cross Country skiing gets more and more popular, and there are already a lot of hobby- and leisure athletes who prefere this rhytmic movement, which is good for both, body and soul. The raising popularity brings, as well, higher expectations, as to the cross country slopes as to the tecnical point of view.

The slopes of Bomio, Santa Caterina and Valdidentro offer a variety and come up to the expectations of all levels, beginners and experienced cross country skiers. And at the same time, it is exciting to ski on the slopes of great champions like Silvio Confortola, Fabrizio Pedranzini, Angelo Andreola, Bruno Bonetta and Silvano Barco.

Ski-Mountaineering in Bormio
The region of Bormio, thanks to its great potential and its high-level competitive events, has surely earned a place amongst the most famous skiing stations of the whole alpine ski circuit. Alpine skiing might be the biggest attraction here in Bormio, but the beautiful mountains surrounding us, unspoilt by large number of visitors, are the preferred destinations of the more impassioned and demanding skiers. Bormio, besides its large repertoire of marvellous skiing itineraries, is also the birthplace of competitive ski mountaineering and origin of many famous athletes, such as Adriano Greco and Fabio Meraldi.



In Upper Valtellina, the season for ski tours usually starts in early November and lasts until the end of May. The months of June and July are also very interesting however, especially in the zones of the Cevedale and the upper part of the Viola Valley.

It is recommended to pay attention to the danger of avalanches, for they are very frequent on every slope and at every altitude, above all after long snowfalls. Furthermore the wind, that lifts up and then compresses the snow, increases the state of danger.

Every ski tour hiker should wait for the correct conditions of snow and climate. He should also always be provided with the correct equipment, consisting of a radio tracking device (ARVA), that must be turned on at the beginning of the tour and turned off after arrival, a snow shovel, a probe and something for the transportation of a possible injured person (an inflatable rod is very useful).

It is advisable to bring a rope, an ice-axe and harpoons. In case of avalanche, before trying to reach a phone to call the 118 emergency number, it is recommended to try to find out if anybody is buried under the snow, in order to be able to help in short time.



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