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Alpe Devero

Off-piste snowboarding paradise

Considered particularly for “winter surfing”, Alpe Devero offers the chance to practice off-piste snowboarding with free-ride itineraries, such as the so-called “Misanco descent”, which, start from the top of the systems and descend to the bottom, in a crescendo of acrobatic jumps and spectacular slaloms between larches and in the canals.

The calmer alternative, for those who have still to become fully familiar with the board, is a specially equipped snowpark area with rail and jump near the second ski-lift. This resort is situated inside the Veglia-Devero Nature Park and has three ski-lifts and a chair-lift which reach the peak of Monte Cazzola, where some downhill ski runs begin, along with a vast off-piste area.

The cross-country tracks (7 km) comprise three circuits of varying length, also suitable for beginners, because the harder ascents of the medium track can easily be circumnavigated while the panoramic track, which leads to Crampiolo, can be completed without skis. Ski touring also offers the chance to enjoy high-level excursions.