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For skiers, freeriders and ski touring enthusiasts, the kilometres of snow-covered slopes that surmount the Macugnaga basin definitely represent a delightful opportunity to try and endless range of different descents and excursions. It is possible to reach the top either by taking advantage of the heliski service or using the cableway that links Alpe Bill to the Moro Pass that travels into Switzerland, situated at an altitude of 2796 m.


This system is part of the Monte Moro ski district which – at an altitude of almost 3000 m – offers the chance to test your skills against the very technical and difficult tracks of the Roccette or to descend the 7.5 km of the Meccia to reach Alpe Bill, skiing through a difference in altitude of over 1000 m. Just as interesting are the descents of the second district of Macugnaga, the Burky-Belvedere, positioned inside the basin, between the town and the impressive massif of the Rosa. A two-branch chair-lift leads from the hamlet of Pecetto to the 1613 m of the Burky and then to the 1932 of the Belvedere. The ski runs that link these last two localities are classed as some of the most beautiful in Macugnaga and have been chosen in the past as training ground for the Italian women’s skiing team.



Cross-country skiing is practiced on two tracks which place over 15 km of runs at the disposal of enthusiasts. The Signal track offers an ideal itinerary for skiing in peace in an enchanting setting. It is situated in Pecetto and bypasses the last chalets of the hamlet before climbing towards Monte Rosa to the wooden cross raised up to protect Macugnaga. For those with a desire to cover a difference in altitude, the Frazioni track winds along the whole right bank of the River Anza. The track descends from Pecetto to the picturesque chalets of Isella before climbing back up the slope and entering the Quarazza Valley, amidst the best-preserved territories of Macugnaga.



Considerable attention is also dedicated to snowboarding. The main area is the Pink Snowpark of Monte Moro, at an altitude of 2800 m, which stays open until May. It has two different lines of jumps for beginners and professionals, a snowboard house and a sound system that pipes music throughout the whole park. Smaller areas are set up every year both in Burky and at the Sports Centre in town.


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