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From the north a mountain range withdrawing to the south lies on the country's middle part. South to the mountains Kremnické continues. From north Vag and Orava river continues, the eastern neighbor of the Low Tatras, in west is surrounded by a Turóc Basin. The Mountains between the Krížna and Ploská stretch barren ridge is spectacular. The highest part of the mountain range the Hôľná Fatra the highest dot 1592 m.

The lovers of the cross-country skiing and the slalom race may indulge their hobby in the winter period, they may get richer by newer sport experiences, since a number excellent orbit is at disposal of this province. Skipark Ružomberok is the most considerable ski centre. There is an opportunity here onto ski mountaineering, snow wall onto climbing and there are child orbits. From the orbits a wonderful panorama opens the High Tatras.

The national park is the largest tourist attraction in the summer hiking trails are diverse. Less skilled but hikers desiring an adventure High Tatras spine stretching an instructor path waits for them that 11 km long. For advanced students the well-known one High Tatras main road recommended, which one altogether 49 km long. The vague weather and the frequent storms cause most complications for the hikers, therefore, most suitable for hiking the late summer - autumn period. For the tourism of the valley and a ridge, thanks for the cultural-historical ancient monuments of its foot of the hill a holiday resort was searching at this time.


Region Number of elevators Length of orbits  (km) Blue Red Black The highest dot (m)

Jasenska Dolina 7 1 - 4 2 2 - 759
Liptovke Revuce 3 - - 2,2 500 m 1,7 - 1080
Ruzomberok 8 1 1 11 2 7 2 1209
Skalka 4 1 - 7,8 2,5 3,8 1,5 1190
Turecka 6 - - 9 900 m 6,1 2 1385