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Tatranska Lomnica

Lomnica ski resort (Tatranska Lomnica) located in the High Tatras region, the highest dot 2196 metres high can be found. Excellent conditions are at its disposal, area liked by way of a beginner and intermediate skiers. The length of the orbits altogether 5,5 km onto the peaks though plate, bath attendant elevators carry up the skiers. The ski lifts wonderful views of the sunlit, snow-covered High Tatras. Nearby we find more ski centres, like this who is more serious desires heavier orbits does not have to go far. The most suitable period onto skiing, as this is on the ski courses, the months between the December and a March.

Under the summer months worthy to visit away on Tatranska Lomnica, the conditions' of the environment, the mountain truth magic. The wonderful country quasi only some is calling onto a pleasant tour, an excursion, cycling. Who desires more exciting sports, he has an opportunity to try a special, rare opportunity here. Futuristic motorcycle tring the developed or the untrodden tracks of adrenaline-loving sportsman. The Lomnciky peak, which is 2,634 meters high in winter and summer, looking for an excellent destination.


Number of elevators  

Length of orbits (km) 5,5
Blue Red Black
The highest dot (m) 2196



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