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Chopok South

Chopok South with 2024 metre heights is Slovak ski course. Well-loved and popular ski paradise. Not too long the orbits a full longitude, and for ones moving chiefly recommendable, since the slopes rather for them favourable. We may meet real steep orbits,with a lot-many men greatness hummock. The orbits 9km long. Onto cross-country skiing we may find suitable orbits between the grounds, the braver ones may start for a spine tour though.

The Bystrá valley lies near its, Brezno and Bystra onto 20 minute highways is from the ski paradise. Tourists arriving apart from a ski season may choose from the programs sights of the surrounding settlements. The elevators work in the mild weather of course, a beautiful view opens at this time onto the landscape extending under the ski lift orbit.


Number of elevators 7

6 1
Length of orbits (km) 9
Blue Red Black
1 6 2
The highest dot (m) 2024