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Slovenia's first number ski course, geographical's conditions world liked this ski area. The Bohinji lake took shape in a glacier valley, known holiday resort in Slovenia the JĂșlia-Alps. In the valley can be found the Bohinji lake, which is the neighbourhood of the denominator. It has two ski centres: Kobla and Vogel. From the ski centres' mountains a special view overlooks to Triglav National Park and the one with odd beauty Bohinj lake. On a understandable manner the tourism forms capital revenue source.

There is a numberless opportunity onto a ski tour and a snowboard. At Kobla and Vogele we may try extreme sports like that, than the climbing of a waterfall froze into the ice, or the parachutist ski-jumping. Really high-standard orbits wait for the lovers of the winter sports, let the person be a beginner, an advanced student, extreme one sports liking.

In summer, concerned apart from the ski season several a program, an opportunity wait for the excursionist, to hike, to walk, ones desiring to bike. The neighbourhood of the lake, the sight of the hills, valleys, waterfalls provides similar experiences than winter Bohinj for the skiers.

Bohinj inside a province the region is Bohinj too, and we may find the cities, ski centres inside this. We would not emphasize the region separately, we indicate the cities only.


Ski centers, cities The number of elevators Length of orbits
Red Blue Black The highest dot (m)
Kobla 3 3 - 23 12 10 1 1480
Vogel 4 4 1 18 1,5 4,5 12 1800
Siroska Planina 3 1 - 6 2 4 - 1550