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Golte ski centre including 75 hectares of area Mozirje settles down in a mountainside above a settlement. Very beautiful insight receives the person who visits here, onto the Savinje valley, Savinjei Alpok and the eastern part of the Karavanke mountain range. The highest dot Boskovec, 1587 metres, but the most famous distinguished slopes Medvedjak, with 1573 metres.

This ski centre disposal with 12 km orbit system between medium ski courses owes (2 km of black, 7 km red and 3 km blue). The easy slopes in first row for the beginners ideal practising slope, but who never paid homage yet the winter sports for one, you may take the first step here. Onto the parents' big joy in the ski centre a high-standard, reliable ski kindergarten operates.

 There is a numberless program opportunity for arriving ones in summer, in spring. Golte position, the mountains, the slopes provide a distinguished opportunity to an excursion, a walk. There are guided tours, so we may join a new team even and we are more and if we are more people, good the team, the time fills up better, and lifelong friendships may take shape even.



Ski course The number of elevators Length of orbits
Blue Red Black The highest dot

Golte 3 2 1 12 4,4 7,4 200 m 1572