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Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora known holiday resort, ski centre in Slovenia, near the Slovene, Italian and Austrian border, between huge woodlands. The Italian border 5 km, of the Austrian border 2,5 km separates this enchanting little small town. The centre of the top Száva valley. From north Karawanken slopes, on the south by the Julian Alps to the beautiful views. Highest point is 1,570 meters.

A popular winter resort. 800-1570 m in altitude ski resorts are located. The elevators leave from the settlement. This terrain is ideal for beginners, in particular, because the most part easy to track. The slopes are elucidated at night, made possible allowing for night skiing. You can find the FIS Court, which annually hosts prestigious World Cup races.

The summer visitors are also meaningful, enjoyable relaxation the Alpine scenery guaranteeing Kranjska Gora and surroundings, where apart from a hiking primarily onto angling, playing golf, cycling there is an opportunity. Sava Dolinka arises on the neighbourhood and traverses the city, which one a target may be perfect with the occasion of an excursion.


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