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Kravavec ski centre with outstanding significance in Slovenia, waits for the lovers of the winter sports with diverse orbits with a distinguished quality, a diverse, ski lift with enough quantities, interesting programs. The full length of the orbits attains it the 35 km, the easy orbits 7, the averagely heavy 15, the heavy orbit 8 km long. In the ski centre from the wide scale of the sport opportunities we may make a choice. With a ski school, an orbit at a child's, a steep, hump orbit made harder, an extreme park are disposal, a practising orbit established for this aim separately though stands for the beginners' provision, that at what the science of the skiing can be acquired better.

Krvavec waits for the ones desiring to go on an excursion with a number tourism and historical sight. We may leave onto mountain tours, bicycle tours, walks in the beautiful environment lies Krvavec and its neighbourhood. Tourist marked we may move on routes, paths towards the peak of the mountain. Who is a definitely unforgettable one, desires sport increasing adrenalin, tries the paragliding,  from a rock may throw himself into the depth, together with an experienced jumper.


The number of elevators 8

3 1 4
Length of orbits (km) 30
Blue Red Black
7 15 8
The highest dot (m) 1971