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Rogla is a very popular ski paradise, the Alps extends on its southeastern spur, the Pohorje mountain's peak nearly its part. The homeland of the winter sports, it has eminent significance in Slovenia, from several foreign countries it is visited this ski centre. We may be the participiant of rich skiing in delights in these slopes, started of the late autumn months entirely there is an opportunity until the beginning of the spring the skiing. The orbits high-quality, their big part is provided with a snow cannon. For small ones, big ones, beginners, advanced students and professionals equally recommendable, with what on all of them type an orbit is at his disposal. We may have a part in a special experience if we go to ski in the evening. Never too late to start learning to ski, to this Rogla trained and experienced ski instructors provide help, with who we may fix the time of the first clock in the ski school. We may go after skiing into the snow park into the mountains onto cross-country skiing, to climb a mountain, snowboarding.

Having finished the ski season, new opportunities open with the beginning of the spring to do sports, to relax desiring. Tourist signaled at this time we may be walking on a route, be hiking, bike or we may try an exciting sports. In az Olympic centre in an enormous gym we may toughen up, play tennis, play basketball, play volley ball, play football. If we elect Rogla it as our summer travel sure, that the week devoted to the summer holidays will pass busily.


The number of elevators

11 2  
Length of orbits  (km) 18
Blue Red
6 8 4
The highest dot (m) 1517