Velika Planina Ski Hotel Guide - Ski accommodation

Velika Planina

Velika planina can be found in Slovenia's Kamniki Alps, with 1500 metres above the sea level extending plateau. With beautiful environment, a view and many interesting sights waits the tourists, the year in any academic specialisations.

Operates as a ski centre in winter, which lies in Kamniki Alpok heart, Krvavec and Velika Planina mountain ranges border it. It has wide and easy ski slopes, altogether 6 km, among which family ones very popular. We may manage to get with elevators until the orbits from the valley, there is a highest dot on 1666 metres.

This special landscape attracts the excursionist in summer. The row of mountain cycling, tours, leaded walks waits for the ones desiring to relax. On the tall mountains of the neighbourhood, the green hillsides too the shepherds' world our eye opens up in front of it. The buildings of the settlement which can be found on the plateau were made of tree it is formulated in many tourists upon seeing these, how good moving here would be, but accessibility not easy in the course of the everyday life.

Ski course
The number of elevators
Length of orbits
Blue Red Black The highest dot

Velika Planina 6 1 - 6 1 4 1 1666