Neuchatel-Jura-Jura Bernois Ski Hotel Guide - Ski accommodation

Neuchatel-Jura-Jura Bernois

Considered as a Mecca for Swiss watchmaking tradition, the different regions of the Jura range from Geneva to Basel welcome you under a single idendity: Vallée de Joux and Jura vaudois, Pays de Neuchâtel, Bienne-Seeland, Jura bernois and Jura.

Delightful and charming valleys! Take your time and discover the secrets and undulating landscapes of the Jura massif. To your liking, explore the traditions, sights, specialties and events, savouring each second.

Become familiar with the traditions of Watch Valley, amble through time on the Watchmaking Route visiting its museums. Discover natural beauty spots and tourist attractions belonging to local heritage.

In summer as well as in winter, enjoy moments of relaxation at the hot springs center and escape from everyday life; lakes, mountains and valleys offer many sports possibilities: hiking, riding, cycling, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snow shoe touring, canoeing, paragliding, diving, golf, climbing& as many possibilities for recharging your batteries in the middle of the most beautiful landscapes of the region. As a reward for your efforts, try the local specialties round a table, in a wine cellar by the lake, in a mountain cheese dairy or a chalet on a summit.

Very tasteful local produce are expecting you: Tête-de-Moine cheese, Vacherin Mont-D'Or, Damassine, Absinthe & Watch Valley also invite you to celebrating: during summer time, the little streets of the towns liven up on the occasaion of festivals, Marché-Concours and Neuchâtel Wine Festival. Experience the magical moments of the St-Martin festivities and the Jura Carnival.

Welcome to Watch Valley where time becomes an experience!

Region Number of elevators Length
Blue Red Black The
Drags Chairs Gondolas
La Robella n.d. n.d. n.d. 30 n.d. n.d. n.d. 1450
Crét-du-Puy n.d. n.d. n.d. 8 n.d. n.d. n.d. 1260
La Brévine n.d. n.d. n.d. 8 n.d. n.d. n.d. 1260
Vue des Alpes-Téte de Ran n.d. n.d. n.d. 6 n.d. n.d. n.d. 1400
Les Genevez n.d. n.d. n.d. 8 n.d. n.d. n.d. 1200
Les Bugnenets-Savagniéres n.d. n.d. n.d. 30 n.d. n.d. n.d. 1460
Les Breuleux n.d. n.d. n.d. 10 n.d. n.d. n.d. 1250
Tramelan 3 0 0 14 3 3 8 1228
Les Prés d'Orvin n.d. n.d. n.d. 5 0 5 0 1300