Olivone-Campra Ski Hotel Guide - Ski accommodation


Cross Country Centre

The Centro Nordico, thanks to a combination of professionalism, thirty years' experience and good customer service, satisfies the needs of all cross-coutry skiers, from beginners to professionals, in a wonderful, traditional northern setting.

The Nordic Ski Centre Campra was founded in the 70's by an initiative of the Simano Dangio Torre Aquila Ski Club in the territory of Olivone, in Campra. Over the years, the Centre has grown and found itself occupying an important position at the international level in the fields of tourist, amateur and professional cross-county skiing. Its infrastructure, which has grown thanks to summer and winter tourism, today consists of a restaurant with lodge, multi-use rooms, a gym, locker rooms, showers, a sauna, ski waxing, a natural ice-skating rink, etc.

The geographical characteristics of the Campra area, 1400 m in altitude, have on average seasons which go from the beginning of December to the beginning of April, with excellent snow conditions. Access to the Nordic Ski Centre is always guaranteed by the road from the Lucomagno pass, which is perfectly navigable, even in the winter. Currently, an substantial relaunching project for the station is underway, and plans for programmed snow, new logistic facilities, etc.

Technical characteristics of the track Over the years, the characteristics of the ground, together with the promoters' experience, have created a network of trails, about 30km long, with three levels of difficulty: -The Blue track is level. It is suitable for beginners, youngsters, and more relaxedl training. - The Red track is of medium difficulty, where regional races are held, for youngsters, etc.. The Black track has major altimeters, and is particularly suitable to host high level competitions (European, World Cups, etc.)