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Vallée de Joux - Vaulion

Downhill skiing
Far away from the crowds in the alpine ski resorts, Vallée de Joux and Vaulion welcome you on large and familiar ski slopes. 11 ski lifts on altogether 42 km long slopes await you in a unique panorama. From Vaulion to Le Brassus, through L’Abbaye and L’Orient, alpine skiing enthusiasts make use of a range of slopes that would surprise more than one specialist: admiring a 360-degree panoramic view from the summit of Dent de Vaulion, overlooking Lac de Joux at the top of L’Abbaye, go night skiing in L’Orient and slaloming between the firs in Le Brassus delight many skiers and snowboarders.



Given the advantageous conditions to learn skiing at a competitive cost, far from the crowds, Vallée de Joux is an attractive area for families and beginners.  As to those who enjoy night skiing and regional food, the “ski – fondue” combination is a speciality of Vallée de Joux. The lit-up ski slope in L’Orient opens from Tuesday until Friday night; once you’ve rushed down a few times, you can have a fondue at a restaurant nearby.


Cross-Country Skiing
Would you prefer the lakeside or the forest of Le Risoud, Le Marchairuz or Le Mollendruz? Cross-country skiers have certainly got the choice! Vallée de Joux covers one of the biggest cross-country skiing domains of Central Europe: 220 km of skiing tracks lay at your feet. Considered as one of the oldest winter sports, cross-country skiing is expanding. Practised both by children and adults, the different tracks in Vallée de Joux suit both beginners and experienced skiers. For each and everyone’s comfort, four Nordic Centres trace and maintain kilometres of cross-country skiing tracks in La Thomassette, by Lac de Joux, in Les Charbonnières and on the mountains of Le Marchairuz and Le Mollendruz. So, once any cross-country skiing enthusiast has bought a vignette, the runs are open for both classic and skating styles on altogether 220 km.



The Nordic sports centres (Centres nordiques) of Vallée de Joux have adapted themselves and arranged snowshoe walks of various distances throughout our district. To walk with snowshoes on is in fashion. From La Thomassette, Les Charbonnières, Le Marchairuz or Le Mollendruz, go for an adventurous walk on one of the six proposed tours in our region. Snowshoeing offers you an incomparable opportunity to discover the landscape and animal world. As a matter of fact, if skiing doesn’t come easy to you, snowshoeing remains the best way to fill yourself with the magnificent scenery of Vallée de Joux.


In Vallée de Joux, sledge is a family hobby; it’s easy to do, everybody likes it and it’s a simple way of burning calories - all you need is a sledge, a pair of mittens and off you go! Vallée de Joux holds a few sledge runs, that you have you climb yourself, which make every gliding enthusiast happy each winter. The longest run is one kilometre long and is situated on the top of Col du Marchairuz. Other easier runs are found in Le Brassus, Les Chabonnières and on the Col du Mollendruz. When Lac de Joux freezes enough, you can go ice-skating or simply walk on it. This huge natural ice rink also allows parents to sledge their children across it and in a short time laughter and cheerful shouting fill the area. A wonderful playground for all ages!



Lac de Joux
Lake Joux, in the heart of the Vaudois Jura, is the largest lake in the entire Jura massif. In winter, it turns into the largest natural ice rink in Europe and in summer it attracts sports fans and lovers of nature. Lake Joux (1,004 m), together with Lake Brenet and Lake Ter, is situated between the Risoud mountain chain and the Mont Tendre massif (1,679 m). Its surface covers 9,5 square km. It is fed by the rivers Orbe and Lionne, whose waters mostly infiltrate into the chalky depths of the lake and flow out at the caves of Vallorbe.

The lake freezes over in winter and transforms into a gigantic natural ice rink in the centre of a network of cross-country and snowshoeing slopes. Its ice used to be exported to restaurants and hospitals in the plain and abroad.


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